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On a bitterly cold day, a man walks through steam escaping from a vent in Toronto. Photo taken with Apple iPhone 7




2.5 hours ($200)

"I see so many beautiful photos online – I think want to learn to take good pictures, but don’t know where to begin. Can’t I just use my cell phone"?

This relaxed and instructional class is for those must to learn the basics of photography for work as well as for those who think they want to take their first steps toward making beautiful images.

For this course, you don’t even need to own a camera! In fact you already have one – your phone! The curriculum for this class will cover photographic genres, styles and get you out shooting with whatever you have on hand. We will cover the history of the camera from when it was a dark room with a small hole in the wall to the high-tech cameras in your phone.

We will look at the camera as an imaging device and look at some of the awesome apps  that will take your cellphone images to the next level – all the while, understanding how photography has evolved and shapes the world around us.

Regardless of what you bring to class, we will go out and do a bit of shooting before returning to critique and discuss the images you have made and how to enhance them to make them their best.


• History of the camera, genres and style, including colour and black & white images.

• Discuss your personal interests and make a plan for your journey into photography with an eye to what you will need to purchase and what you don’t need to purchase.

• Basic composition, angles, lighting and how to avoid common mistakes that all beginners make.

• We look at some of the apps available for your phone and test them out on your images.

• Downloading your cell phone images to your computer for storage and manipulation.

• How to look at a scene critically and find the best angle from which to make a successful image.

By the end of the class, you will leave feeling confident in your decision to either stay with your cell phone camera for now, or to take the next step into the wonderful world of photography with a camera.


Become familiar with the camera you will be bringing to class or the functions of your cellphone camera and native app. If you are bringing a cellphone as your camera, we will be looking at apps for it, so be sure you have the ability to download any apps you may wish to purchase and use.

Class size is limited to only 8 people at a time in order to give one-on-one instruction and help.

NEXT CLASS: August 24, 2018

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Once I have received your email, I will be in touch about class size and availability. Once accepted, a $150 deposit will be required via e-transfer.


A visual journalist for over 30 years, Spencer has been documenting human interest stories, major news events and the struggles & triumphs of the human spirit.

As an educator and speaker, Spencer has addressed thousand of people both in Canada and internationally. He has lectured and conducted workshops and tutorials in China, Europe, United States and Canada.

Teaching his college students, Spencer shares his knowledge, experiences and stories. Inspirational lectures, private classes and workshops inspire those interested in learning photography and those wishing to become more accomplished. Private classes are also offered by special request.

Through this learning series, Spencer has restricted the number of participants to a minimum in order to offer individual learning experiences.

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