Spencer leads a street photography workshop in Prague, Czech Republic

A story teller at heart, Spencer’s career has taken him to extremes. Using his skills as a visual journalist, designer and photographer, Wynn has lived the stories he tells saying, “ One can only truly tell a story of a people or culture if you have lived with the people or in the culture”.

His two-year documentary work on the 30th anniversary of the Bhopal gas disaster in India is one such example.

He has also lived with Inuit in the Canadian Arctic, joining an Inuit hunting party on the polar ice. He has eaten raw seal, fresh from the ice when it was killed to feed several families and cloth the children. Wynn has sailed up the west coast of Greenland and into the Northwest Passage while documenting fishing villages, the impact on the environment, and lay on his stomach with a large huddle (herd) of walrus to photograph them!

His many trips to China have taken him to all regions of the vast country including Tibet, living in caves, yurts, deserts and at high altitude. The ethnic diversity of China is a fascination for Wynn and a constant draw, luring him back. 

As  a college educator, Spencer is an animated professor, engaging his students in the discovery of creating images through story-based project work. "I love my students, I am so inspired by their ideas and their thirst to learn". Every semester, Spencer organizes his, Midnight Run – a shooting trip that begins at midnight, shooting the night sky north of Toronto.

Spencer is a creative person, always looking to push himself and his skills in order to stay current with technology and learn more about the diversity around him.

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