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Another perfect sunset in Istanbul, seen from our luxury yacht sunset cruise

"If the Earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital".

– Napoleon Bonaparte

Truer words have never been spoken about this incredible city!  I have visited  Istanbul many times and each time I am there, I feel I am at home. The hospitality one feels as a visitor is welcoming and honest.

A city of over 15 million people, Istanbul hums along with its vibrant bazaars, beautiful mosques & cathedrals, multi-cultural traditions, a vibrant art scene and a cosmopolitan vibe. Oh, and did I mention the food? 

Turkey is an ancient country straddling Europe and Asia with historic and cultural roots to the Byzantine & Ottoman empires and deep connections with ancient Greece, Persia and Roman times. Istanbul is the beating cosmopolitan heart of this country and one which must be experienced to be appreciated.

Insatiable Istanbul is a photography workshop that emphasizes experiencing the city, not simply walking it. There are so many things to do, experience, see and taste that will leave you breathless. If you have not visited Istanbul, this is a must-see city and one that should be atop everyone's bucket list!

I have personally been to all the places we shall visit and I am working to firm up more experiences that will make this a truly unique photography workshop.

Insatiable Istanbul is open to anyone who has a curious mind and wishes to learn and explore all the while connecting with a new friends. It is open to all skill levels.

Take a look through the itinerary below and begin to imagine the sounds, smells, sights and tastes of one of the world's truly great cities.​ ​


The laughter of children and adults alike mean there is an ice cream vendor nearby!

ITINERARY(subject to change)

DAY 1 (Monday)
• Meet & greet with a presentation on Istanbul and what to expect.
• Visit Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque.
• Descend into the Basilica Cisterns (awesome long exposures here). 
• Sunset session on the Asian side of the Bosporus.

DAY 2 (Tuesday)
• Explore the Grand Bazaar and the nearby Spice Bazaar.
• Walk to the Galata Tower and enjoy street photography along the way.
• Session with a local model for street portraits. Strobes and triggers available.
• Seafood dinner under the Galata Bridge and sunset session on the Bosporus.

DAY 3 (Wednesday)
• Explore the historic and colourful neighbourhood known as the Balat.
• While in the Balat, we work with a relief organization to photograph for them and donate our work for their non-profit which helps local families. 
• Relax on a luxury yacht and enjoy a sunset cruise along the Bosporus. 

DAY 4 (Thursday) 
• Explore a very compact and tight area of alleyways and shops on our way to a unique coffee shop. James Bond's, Daniel Craig filmed here!
• Visit the Süleymaniye Mosque and marvel at the grounds, architecture, peace, beauty and incredible view down to the Bosporus.
• After the massive Süleymaniye, we downsize to a riverside tiny gem, the Ortäkoy mosque. There just happens to be an awesome ice cream restaurant nearby!
• Tonight we attend a very special ritual, Whirling Dervishes. Yes, we can photograph them whirling.

DAY 5 (Friday)
• Its back to school! We take in a cooking class to learn traditional Turkish cuisine. Following this short course, we learn the art of food photography.
• Back to the hotel to prep files and fine-tune individual presentations of the highlights of the week to share with the group.
• We end the day no later than 6pm – The  spectacular view and dinner is on me!

  The next day (Saturday)
• Depart for Istanbul airport for your return home.


• This is a physically easy/moderate trip. There will be some uneven ground in a few locations and some locations with short inclines. It is recommended that participants wear sturdy shoes for greater comfort.
• Local food is fresh, healthy and abundant.
• Accommodations are all clean and cozy, tested by me! Accommodations will have WiFi and air conditioning. Our hotel will have complimentary breakfasts included.
• Do not expect to make purchase with your debit card. You will need to have cash on hand. Major credit cards are also accepted.


• One-on-one and group instruction by Spencer Wynn.
• Post-processing demonstration and instruction.
• Model fees for our street portrait session.
• Turkish cuisine cooking class. 
• Local transportation and guides when needed.
• Entry fees to visit the top of the Galata Tower.
• Entry to Hagia Sophia.
• Entrance fee for the Basilica Cisterns.
• Bosporus sunset yacht cruise.
• An evening with Whirling Dervishes.
• Our final meal together with a stunning sunset view.


• International flights to & from Istanbul.
• Accommodation (a very reasonably priced hotel), meals, alcohol and tips.
• Trip / health insurance. 
• Tourist visas for those who require them.


• The weather will be warm in Istanbul, usually around 28c / 83f. Pack a light layer should you need it and a hat with a brim that will offer some shade.
• It goes without saying that you need to bring your camera(s). It is presumed that you will know how to use the camera and know how to use your camera in manual mode (for best exposure results).
• Lenses are personal choices and are subject to what you own and your style of shooting. Personally, I travel with minimal gear: A camera and few wide lenses with large apertures for low light. I find a long lens is not always necessary in a city like Istanbul. The lighter you travel, the more you focus on what you are shooting and the more you enjoy your days.
• A small and sturdy tripod is recommended, especially when we shoot in low light. Personally, I love those bendy GorillaPod tripods for their small size and sturdy build. In Hagia Sophia, tripods are not allowed (even GorillaPods). We will be given a tag for our tripods and pick them up as we leave – like a coat-check. It is for this reason, I always have a beanbag as part of my kit!
• I have a 6-plug power bar that I bring should you need access to it.
• Extra memory cards and storage, laptop, batteries and chargers are to be carefully planned. You will need a few power adapters for Turkish wall outlets – these can be found at many shops in your local area.
• A personal first aid kit, water bottle and other items that will give you comfort are recommend.


"Spencer Wynn, in addition to being a superb photographer, knows how to teach. He is generous with his knowledge and infinitely patient. He not only teaches the technical aspects of photography but also the art of photography. He taught me how to “see” in a unique way that I never would have considered. One of the things I most appreciate about Spencer is his willingness to share everything he knows and to explain it in a manner that makes sense."  – Ann Miller (Ohio, USA)

On the road with Spencer, you profit from his passion to compose: that includes finding a better viewpoint to tell the story you want. This might include some more steps, but each one is worth it to become a better observer. His profound knowledge makes each conversation a vivid exchange about photography, art and culture and all this helps the personal development. Would I book a workshop with Spence again? Immediately! – Mirjam Lorek (Switzerland)

"Spencer is a brilliant (and patient) teacher! The workshop was structured so that each lesson amplifies the previous one. It worked! After a few hours I was taking the best photographs of my life."  – John Ferri (Toronto, Canada)

"Spencer’s workshops widen your approach to photography as he works with you in a multitude of genres — landscape, street, travel, documentary. This approach strengthens your skillset for visual storytelling! Spencer is so generous with his teaching, working with each student at their level until they are proficient. You will enter as a student yet emerge as a friend!"   – Elle Colquitt (Tennessee, USA)

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Dates: June 6 – 10, 2022

Trip Leader: Spencer Wynn

Itinerary: Final itinerary provided to participants upon arrival. ​

Workshop Price: USD $1,750.

Workshop Deposit: USD $875

Payment: Payments are to be made by e-transfer or PayPal to:
Receipts will be issued for all payments made. If you wish to pay by bank transfer, Swift codes and other information will be provided to you.   

Final Payment: Due in full by May 4, 2022

Note:  If final payment is not made by the due date, the deposit is forfeited and your spot will be available to another interested participant. If unforeseen circumstances arise, participants are welcome to transfer/sell their space to another interested participant. In such cases, new participants are responsible for handling payments on time. ​ ​ ​ ​

Participants:   3 minimum, 8 maximum. 3 participants are required for this workshop to proceed. If the minimum number is not reached by May 4, 2022 the workshop may be cancelled and deposits will be refunded in full. See the  cancellation policy for details. ​

Accommodations:  Participants are free to find their own accommodation, however, it is best we stay in one hotel. I am finalizing the particular hotel I wish to use (I have stayed there myself), and will post rates asap. They are very reasonable. Hotels are "cozy"! The rooms are unlike large North American hotels. They are all clean, offer wifi and breakfast and they have air conditioning. 

Cancellation Policy: Spencer Wynn, or designate, reserves the right to cancel a workshop at anytime due to illness, low enrolment, or any other reason. If a workshop is cancelled, 100% of fees will be refunded.

Right to Refuse Service: Spencer Wynn, or designate, reserves the right to accept, decline, or remove any participant in any photo workshop. Spencer Wynn, or designate, also reserves the right, without penalty, to make changes to the itinerary whenever, in their judgment, conditions warrant, or if they deem it necessary for the comfort, convenience, or safety of participants.

Insurance:  For your protection during the workshop, it is highly recommend that you obtain out of country travel health insurance. ​

Travel Visas:  It is the participant's responsibility to ensure they have a valid Travel Visa (if required) for the duration of the workshop. You may purchase an electronic visitor visa online, no need to send your passport off. ​

Release of Liability: By agreeing to the conditions above, you agree, in full, to hereby release Spencer Wynn, and all other entities involved with this workshop (including, but not limited to, other instructors, guides, students, etc) from any and all liability.

Passports:  Passports must be valid for more than 6 months beyond the workshop end date.

Use of Images: By agreeing to these Terms & Conditions you agree, in full, to not use any photograph obtained during this workshop in a manner that violates any applicable laws (including, but not limited to: municipal laws, state/provincial laws, and federal laws)

Final Note: Photography workshops may involve significant walking, standing in place for extended periods of time, sitting in classrooms and spending significant amounts of time outdoors. By registering for this workshop you confirm that you understand this and that this is appropriate to your physical abilities and interests. At all times you agree to be personally responsible for your own well being.

Registering for this workshop: USD $875 (non-refundable and due upon booking). To register for this workshop, please contact Spencer Wynn by clicking on the Registration buttons found on this page. Send Spencer a message indicating your interest in the Insatiable Istanbul workshop. Spencer will communicate with you directly. By transferring the workshop deposit, you agree to all conditions described above. 

Prague photo workshop


A visual journalist with over 30 years in story meetings and newsrooms, Spencer has developed a keen sense of storytelling through compelling visual narratives. It is on the streets that Spencer feels most alive in Istanbul – life is lived on the streets and there are endless stories to photograph here.

From the High Arctic to India to Europe and Asia, Spencer has sought out visuals that speak to human interest stories, beauty and culture.

Spencer has restricted the number of participants to a minimum in order to maximize personal instruction, learning and experimenting.

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