4-HOUR LIGHT PAINTING WORKSHOP.   NEXT DATE: August 14, 2020  •  $225 CD

The final image of this shack is made of 11 different blended images


This photography workshop is all about capturing the beauty of the night in vibrant colour. What is often drab and lackluster by day, is brought to life at night with light and colour.


The beauty of light painting is that it can be done anywhere and even in any weather – even rain! Four hours is not a lot of time, so we will go to areas in the city where we have a great deal of choice and subjects to paint. Sometimes we may go out to areas just outside the city. 


This workshop is for those who wish to learn a technical skill that can enhance their own  photography. Basic skills in Adobe Photoshop is important. Other editing programmes that allow working in layers can be  useful too.


• Drinks and snacks are included during the workshop. We will be working at night so having refreshments and snacks will keep you energized.

• Any permits for shooting are included for our group.

• I will demonstrate basic image blending and layering so that you feel confident going forward in your exploration into more light painting on your own.  

• I provide various coloured gels for use over the beam of your flashlight.


• A DSLR or mirrorless camera is a must. You should be familiar with your camera and all its manual functions. We will be shooting in manual mode – no auto settings will be used.

• As we will be shooting at night, a sturdy tripod is essential. Lightweight and delicate tripods may have some movement, especially if there is wind. A sturdy tripod will keep your camera more fixed in windy conditions.

• A way of remotely triggering your camera is very useful. If you do not have a remote trigger, you may also use the camera's timer function.

• As far as lenses go, a wide lens is preferable. Either a prime lens or a zoom that can be used  relatively wide. Anything from 10 mm to 35 mm is a good range for most of our subjects.

• A bright LED flashlight is really all you need. It is best if your flashlight has the ability to offer various levels of luminance. As well as various levels of brightness, if you also have the ability to widen or narrow your flashlight beam, that will be a plus.


Click the " Register" button, above and send me a note indicating your interest in the next workshop. I will work with you to make your payment and give you more information and guides for the upcoming workshop.

​ ​

Location:  Each workshop will be focused in the city of Toronto. 

Dates:  Dates are posted on this web page and in social media. Check in often for the next date(s). These are small-group workshops  of 3-5 participants. Once there are three paid participants, the workshop will proceed.

Workshop Leader: Spencer Wynn

Price: $225 plus HST in Canadian dollars ($254.25). Payment made through e-transfer, cash or Paypal​. Payment is to be made in full after registration and when space is available. Please check for availability.

Transportation:  Participants will provide their own transportation. In these COVID times, personal transportation is required. 

COVID concerns:  As mentioned above, personal transportation is required to ensure physical distancing. Once we arrive at our locations, further physical distancing is easy to achieve. Masks must also be worn while on location.

Cancellation Policy:  Once paid, participant spots are non-refundable but are transferrable (i.e. if the participant is able to find someone else to take their spot and can sell/transfer the spot to a new participant, this is acceptable). ​ Although extremely unlikely, Spencer Wynn reserves the right to cancel a workshop at any time for a variety of reasons (i.e. if a minimum number of participants is not met). In the unlikely event of a cancellation, money will be refunded to participants in full.


A creative photographer, Spencer has spent his entire career in design, image making and photography. Spencer has a keen eye for finding and recognizing the beauty in what is often overlooked and the ability to make a drab looking subject come to life.

As a photographer, educator and speaker, Spencer has taught, lectured and conducted workshops in China, Europe, United States and Canada.

Spencer was born and raised in Toronto and has great stories and insight into this vibrant city. You will enjoy your time going through some of the more interesting parts of the city, photographing unique views and subjects. 

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