THE MAGIC OF TURKEY (May 2020) - spencerwynn


One of the Explore & Discover Photography Workshop series from Spencer Wynn


Experience the thundering power of horses as the ground shakes under your feet from these beautiful animals in Cappadocia


We are working hard to bring this year's Turkey photographic workshop the best ever!

Together with a major travel company, we are making this trip one that you will not want to miss. Beginning in the magical Mesopotamian region of the south east, we enjoy the slow, ancient life in towns that look as though they were taken from the pages of the Bible. The hospitality here is epic. Smiles, invitations to take tea and welcoming waves will have you falling in love with this area – as I have.

We experience wild horses in Cappadocia, moon-like landscapes at night and rising in the morning with a sky full of hot air balloons with a local, well-known photographer who will take us to his favourite spots for epic photo opportunities.

We will have plenty of opportunities for astro photography and of course, we end with incredible Istanbul. Marvel at the beautiful minarets of the Blue Mosque, take a luxury yacht cruise at sunset to experience the Bosporus. Oh, and did I mention the legendary smooth and robust Turkish coffee?!

Reserve the date and keep checking back for details coming soon. If you wish to pre-register, click the registration button and I will put you on the list before this experience is full. This is a small group workshop, so it will fill quickly.


Spencer’s workshops widen your approach to photography as he works with you in a multitude of genres — landscape, street, travel, documentary. This approach strengthens your skillset for visual storytelling! Spencer is so generous with his teaching, working with each student at their level until they are proficient. You will enter as a student yet emerge as a friend!

– Elle Colquitt (Knoxville, Tennessee)

Spencer Wynn, in addition to being a superb photographer, knows how to teach. He is generous with his knowledge and infinitely patient. He not only teaches the technical aspects of photography but also the art of photography. He taught me how to “see” in a unique way that I never would have considered. One of the things I most appreciate about Spencer is his willingness to share everything he knows and to explain it in a manner that makes sense.

– Ann Miller (Ohio, USA)

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