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1:30am.  Lake Of Bays, Muskoka


This is a unique landscape photography workshop that spans a sunset, a sunrise, and all the hours between when the stars sparkle high above. This all-night workshop takes advantage of a bright moon, photographing when the night landscape is bathed in soft moon-lit shadows.

If you have wanted to learn how to shoot beautiful night skies and landscapes with long exposures that bring out the character of the night, then this workshop is for you. By the end of the night, after you have created beautiful sunset and sunrise pictures, you will have learned how to control your camera’s aperture, ISO and shutter speeds to give you dynamic night sky and landscape images that you can proudly show friends and family. More importantly, you will gain the confidence to go out on your own at home or when you travel, and be confident in your ability to capture the night.

NIGHT WORKSHOPS are held on Saturday nights so you can spend Sunday resting up! These are on nights when there is a bit of light from the moon so that you can use it to illuminate your surroundings in your compositions.  These workshops will take place when two participants have prepaid. Each workshop is a maximum of three people. The number is limited in order to give as much personal instruction as possible. An exclusive, single-participant workshop is available at the cost of two participants. A full moon baths the land in soft moonlight giving your images a surreal soft look of dim daylight but with stars in the sky and the blur of automobile traffic as well as flowing water during long exposures.

A TYPICAL WORKSHOP will see us meeting 1 hour before sunset time in order to get to locations to begin experimenting with sunsets and longer exposures. Once the sun is down and night begins to set in, we travel north of Toronto to several locations that will provide interesting challenges which you will learn to capture in-camera. I will time the last location to coincide with a sunrise before heading back to Toronto. We will arrive back in Toronto a few hours after sunrise and you will then have the Sunday to rest and be ready for the week ahead.

During the night, we will discuss post processing your images and best practices with regard to files, format and editing. It is recommended that you have a recent version of your photo editing software that is able to process raw files. Such applications are, but not limited to: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Alien Skin Exposure X3 and Iridient Developer. Familiarity and working knowledge of your application of choice is assumed.

Your camera should be one you can operate in manual mode and one with which you a working knowledge of. It is advisable that your cameras not be too old as we will be shooting at higher ISO settings and with good clean images with little "noise".

WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING (recommendations) 

1. A digital camera which is able to handle higher ISO settings. You may struggle with noisy files if your camera is an older model which may not capture high ISO images cleanly.

2. A wide angle lens with a wide aperture of around the f2.8 or faster if possible. Slower lenses can still work but with varying degrees of success.

3. A sturdy tripod is essential for stabilizing your camera during long exposures.

4. Appropriate clothing and personal items for the weather conditions.

5. Sturdy walking shoes are important as we will be walking in the dark and over uneven ground.

6. If you have a headlamp with a red light in addition to a white light, bring it with you. If you do not own one, I can provide one for the duration of the workshop. A red light will save your night vision after your eyes have acclimatized to the darkness.

WEATHER can be an issue with any workshop, especially a landscape workshop. It must be understood that if the night will be rainy, then the workshop will be cancelled and funds will be returned via e-transfer. This is also for safety as there may be slippery conditions during the night. If the weather is partly cloudy, the workshop will still go ahead. If there is total cloud coverage, the workshop will still go ahead as there is still a lot that can be photographed, just not the stars.

WORKSHOP COST  is $395 Canadian plus HST. This is a non-refundable fee for a spot in the workshop date you have specified made via e-transfer. Workshops will only proceed when two participants have registered and provided payment. In the event there are less than two participants, paid participants will be refunded 100% of their payment or, if desired, payment can be applied to a future workshop of the same kind.

LIABILITY. Spencer Wynn is not liable for any personal injuries or mishaps during the workshop. 

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A visual journalist for over 30 years, Spencer has been documenting human interest stories, major news events and the struggles & triumphs of the human spirit.

As an educator and speaker, Spencer has addressed groups in Canada and internationally. He has lectured and conducted workshops and tutorials in China, Europe, United States and Canada.

As a college educator, Spencer loves to share his knowledge, experiences and stories with his photography students. Inspirational lectures, private classes and workshops inspire those interested in learning photography and those wishing to become more accomplished. Private classes are also offered by special request.

Through this learning series, Spencer has restricted the number of participants to a minimum in order to offer individual learning experiences.

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