The Story Of A City: Toronto was the first of our 5-day city workshops. Thanks to those who came from locations in the United States and Canada to participate in what was a successful and albeit, exhausting week of photography! 

We had heat, rain, early mornings and late nights – all in the pursuit of wonderful images that, together, tell the story of Toronto. From street photography to sunrise & sunset sessions, portraits and creative images in pounding rain, we had it all!

The next scheduled Story Of A City workshop will be in Paris, France in May 2019. The specific date will be figured out soon and will be updated here. There may be a second Story Of A City location a few days later in a very exciting location – but will depend of logistics we are still sorting out.

Vancouver photographer, Ian MacDonald and I are looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and new faces in Paris next year! When this workshop is published, space will be limited.

Some images from the Story of a City Workshop: Toronto Edition

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